NUA Securities (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated on 1st February 2006 as private limited company under the company Ordinance 1984. Prior to incorporation of NUA Securities (Pvt.) Limited, since 1977 business was managed under the name and style of M. Nisar M. Usman Ashrafi. The company is a corporate member of Pakistan Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited

 Professional Staff

We pride ourselves on our in-depth and true understanding of our clients’ problems & complete solutions. Our most valuable asset and key strength is our professional staff. We are equipped with a team of experienced staff. Now all the experience and knowledge are for our clients. We pride ourselves on true understanding of our clients’ problems and complete solutions and continue to get well.

Our Values

  • To be fair, empathetic and responsive in serving our customers.
  • To respect and reinforce our fellow employees and the power of teamwork.
  • To strive relentlessly to improve what we do and how we do it.
  • To always earn and be worthy of our customer’s trust.


  • First and Foremost objective is to seek pleasure of Allah through servicing our client.
  • To run the brokerage house with professional competence.
  • To be totally customer oriented and to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • To seek long-term business relation.